About Us

The world of BMX has been a rollercoaster of a journey for me, I didn’t race back in the glory days of the 80’s, I didn’t line up on a gate until I was in my mid 30’s.  BMX began for me with a Raleigh Burner, watching BMX BEAT on TV and jumping over my mates with the aid of a home made ramp.

Fast forward  to 2005 and  following a conversation about ‘our favourite bikes’ I found myself winning a Raleigh Burner on eBay, why? I’m not sure, maybe it was the curiosity as to whether they were still as heavy and ‘well made’ as they were 20+ years earlier.

This impulsive purchase opened the door back into a hobby/sport/lifestyle that I never expected to revisit, the friends I have made, the people I have met and the places it has taken me in the past 10 years has been incredible. I’ve met and become friends with my childhood BMX heroes, icons of the sport from back in the day, restoring countless bikes and spending more ££’s on vintage bicycle parts than I’d care to calculate.

In 2009 I was asked to restore the bike that Craig Schofield won the World Championship title on in Canada ’85. It was a privilege and an honour to undertake the prestigious task of bringing such an iconic piece of BMX history back to life.

I didn’t think BMX could take me anywhere more exciting, I was wrong.

In 2011 I was contacted by a Robert Peter Williams, aka Robbie....

Cutting a long and frankly unbelievable story short, 4 bike restorations later, hundreds of email conversations regarding the 80’s, Art and BMX.   I found myself being invited to Beverley Hills, California for a week of freelance Graphic Design work. With a brand new album in the pipeline I spent 7 days in the studio at Robbie’s LA home throwing around ideas and concepts for Album cover artwork. It was a week that’s hard to define and explain, it was an experience that I will never forget and an opportunity that few ever get the chance to enjoy.

Ultimately the work we did and the ideas we played with never made it onto any album artwork, something that has never really troubled me, I was just humbled to have been blessed with the chance to create with such a huge star.

I think I knew before the wheels of my plane touched down back at Heathrow that what we’d done was not going to make it to print, and I was well aware that this was not going to be that career defining job that so many freelancers dream of, but what I was thankful for was the opportunity that Robbie gave me. I refused to be disillusioned and instead decided that I needed to find a creative outlet to express my passion for design.

In one hand I had BMX... in the other Graphic Design... I put both hands together and b73tees was born.

In February 2012 with just 3 or 4 designs on a simple website I sold my first t-shirt.

Almost 5 years later I’ve travelled up and down the country supporting the sport of BMX Racing, I’ve made hundred’s of new friends, and feel (and hope) that my brand has become part of the scene. Nothing makes me smile more than seeing a kid wearing one of my tee’s trackside. BMX is a family, a family that has adopted b73tees  into its fold and for that support I am so very grateful.

I love BMX, and as the sport itself grows its my desire that b73tees might grow with it, continuing to bring new designs, new products and a whole bucket load of quality and radness along for the ride.

See you trackside...